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Your questions answered.

What happened to
After launching one of the most successful Kickstarter projects of 2012, it was time to take a break and hand over the reigns to a new company with the desire, will and drive to turn Brydge into the leading keyboard and accessory company on the market.  
What's next for Brydge?
Brydge is focused on the customer and new products. While we can't please everyone, our focus is to keep Kickstarter as part of our heritage, and brilliant products as our future. Starting with the BrydgeAir and soon to be the BrydgeMini, a new breed of iPad keyboards and accessories will be launched to suit the Apple iPad lineup.
Why is it taking so long for the BrydgeAir to be delivered?
Building something from scratch is a huge task, particularly when quality and style are so incredibly important. We have spent months developing what is truly a jaw dropping keyboard that will change the way you look at your iPad. While production is well underway, so have pre-orders. So much so that the response has been far greater than we had anticipated and as a result it is taking us longer than we had originally thought it would get through our backlog of supporters. Rest assured though they are on their way.
Why should we buy a BrydgeAir vs a Logitech, Zagg or other iPad keyboard?
Both Logitech and Zagg have a great range of keyboards. They've paved a way that has created an amazing range of functional devices. The Brydge is different though. It's not a keyboard case, its a Brydge. It is the only keyboard on the market that is designed with the same amount of attention to detail as the iPad. It is also the only 100% aluminum keyboard with backlit keys and the only keyboard with dual stereo speakers. If you want a plastic or aluminum backed keyboard there are many, if you want a keyboard worthy of your iPad, there is only one. BrydgeAir.