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Instructions: Brydge 9.7 - for NEW iPad (March 2017), iPad Pro 9.7 inch, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1

Brydge 9.7 Support Videos >

- NOTE: If your keyboard has pairing buttons on the front edge of the keyboard, CLICK HERE >


1 - IMPORTANT: Your Brydge 9.7 is set up for the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Pro 9.7-inch.

If you have the new iPad (March 2017) or an iPad Air 1, you will need to use the second set of shims provided in the box (located next to the Micro USB)

2 - TO REPLACE: Remove the current shims, and pick away any large tape residue

NOTE: It’s not necessary to remove everything, just the bigger bits

3 - Remove tape backing from front and back of new shims, and line up where the previous ones were
Insert into hinges

4 - NOTE: Ensure the shim is pressed firmly against the bottom of the hinge


5 - Place your iPad into the hinges with the home button on the right, and your Brydge placed on a flat surface

6 - Lift iPad to test the hinge grip. Your iPad and Brydge should be held tightly together

7 - If iPad is loose, remove and give the hinges a gentle squeeze. Repeat this process until your iPad is held firmly

8 - To remove, grab your iPad and pull straight up, with one hand firmly holding your Brydge against a hard surface

NOTE: The power key will illuminate in all sitations

9a - Press the power key. A green dot will illuminate

9b - Press and hold the BluetoothTM key for 3 seconds. The power key will flash blue until Bluetooth is successfully paired

10 - On your iPad, under Settings>Bluetooth, tap Brydge 9.7 keyboard

11a - NOTE: The power key will illuminate for 2 seconds to let you know the Brydge is powered on

11b - To power off: Press and hold for three seconds. Key will turn green, then flash red twice to indicate Brydge is powered off


12 - To check battery life, press and hold the battery key for four seconds. Power key will flash three times:
Green = 75-100%
Yellow = 25-74%
Red = 10-24%

Power key will flash red three times every two minutes when the battery is below 9% and needs charging

13 - Insert the supplied MICRO USB cable

Power key will be illuminated red while charging, and is fully charged when the light turns off

NOTE: Charging can take up to 3 hours

Keyboard Layout: BRYDGE 9.7 - w/Pairing Buttons on Keys

Brydge 9.7 Support Videos: