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Henge Docks - Gravitas iPad and iPhone Charging Dock

Available in the US only

Charge and sync your iPad or iPhone with the Gravitas dock. Ideal for single-handed docking and undocking due to it's sturdy weight of 2.5 lbs (1.2 kg) - simply grab your device and go. Even with the impressive weight, the dock has a remarkably small footprint, maximizing space. A 3.5mm audio output allows you to connect external speakers with high fidelity, fixed-volume, stereo output. Gravitas’ sleek design elegantly connects to any iPhone and iPad that uses a lightning connector.

Elegance and Stability

Composed of a sturdy zinc alloy that is 265% more dense than aluminum, Gravitas was designed to perfectly match the aesthetic and functionality of your iPhone or iPad. Despite its impressive weight, the dock has a remarkably small footprint, making it the optimal space-saving device.


One dock. Many devices.

Swappable inserts provide full compatibility with all recent generations of the iPhone and iPad, and removable inner liner within each insert allows for use with most thin or slim cases. That way, you’ll never have to replace your Gravitas when you upgrade to a new device—simply order a new insert.

Connect / Charge / Listen

Charge and sync your device in the Gravitas using the included USB cable. Audio output supplies your external speakers with high fidelity, fixed-volume, stereo output.

Transition Seamlessly

Easily transition from desk to on-the-go with confidence, for any of your Apple mobile devices. The dock is sturdy and solid, allowing quick and easy grab-n-go ability.

Technical Specifications

Compatibility Apple iPhones and iPads with lightning connector
Product Dimensions 7.8 cm x 8.5 cm x 6.4 cm/3.0 in x 3.3 in x 2.5 in
Shipping Weight 1.50 kg/3.25 lbs
Product Weight 1.17 kg/2.54 lbs
Power Connection 3-foot USB Cable
Device Connectivity Apple Lightning Port
Warranty 12 months
Ports USB / 3.5mm Stereo Audio Out
What's In The Box Gravitas Dock
iPhone 6/6s/7 Case Compatible Insert
iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus/7 Plus/iPad Case Compatible Insert
3-foot USB Cable + User Guide


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